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Allotments are small sections of land rented to individuals for the purpose of growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. We own and manage four allotment sites with over 400 plots.

There are many benefits of having an allotment which can include

  • Access to a cheap source of fresh fruit and vegetables, and therefore a healthy diet
  • A good form of exercise
  • An environment where children can learn where food comes from
  • Community spirit and an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life
  • Providing a sense of achievement and well-being and a chance to learn new skills

For all enquiries about allotments please contact Allotment Officers Karen Heynike and Nikki Howard on 0203 328 0254 or email

“Having an allotment has made a huge difference. I cook more from scratch and spend less at the supermarket. It’s improved my fitness and I have met loads of new people here. There’s a real sense of community. I have lived in Walton for ten years but never felt connected to the town in any way but now I do.”

The four Walton Charity allotment sites are:

Terrace Road allotments

Terrace Road allotments are off Terrace Road, Walton between Cambridge Road and Franklyn Road.

Rydens Road allotments

Rydens Road allotments are off Rydens Road, Walton between Rydens Road and Severn Drive.

Home Farm allotments

Home Farm allotments are off Rydens Road, Walton between Rydens Road, Shaldon Way and Kenilworth Drive.

Burhill allotments

Burhill allotments are off Burhill Road in Hersham.